Just because I’m at home doesn’t mean I can’t indulge my wanderlust. I’m spending today planning my dream itinerary for when I can hit the road again.

I’m missing the sights and sounds of new places, but I’m grateful for the memories I’ve made and the photos I’ve taken. Going through them today is bringing back all the feels.

One of my favorite ways to travel from home is through podcast. Currently I’m listening to various #Travel podcasts and it’s transporting me to another world.

Sometimes the best way to travel is to explore your own city like a tourist. I’m planning to check out a museum that’s been on my list for ages. (Though I’ve been to their canteen several times)

One thing I love about travel is trying new things. Today, I’m listening to Music I discovered at @zirofestival on my last trip at Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh. #travel

Will share my crazy travel experiences and stories through #TwitterThreads , my blog and also in linked in articles from now on. Keep checking this #Space

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